Breast Molestation in Crowd by Stranger or Known

breast groping

The breast molestation in crowd is very common perhaps in almost all countries. Men have an opinion that women also enjoys when we touch breast in crowd. Do really women enjoys this or not. Below is opinion of women on this topic-

Girls like it when it is not 'wild' but most of the girls try to protect and go for moral lecture. Also it severely depends on mood of girl. In some cases any woman would not like 'harsh' groping but if she is in light mood, a gentle touch or caress may give her pleasure. Definitely breasts are a one of the most sensational and stimulating part of your body. So a gentle touch or caress may stumulate or give pleasure to you.

One girl says, "I get good sensation when my boyfriend elbows me or touches me in a crowd. I also love moving holding his arms so that his arm gets pressed on my boobs. We enjoy each others company.

Another married woman says, "I am 35yrs married woman. I often enjoy people starring at my chest area. Inside lift or in a congested bus or rail general compartment, I often get my breasts pressed, sometimes knowingly , sometimes unkowingly by males. I do not mind it and and enjoy it if rubbed or pressed gently. I loose my temper if pressed hard as it hurts me."

So she also admits that it is only ok in some cases when the groping is gentle. Another woman says, "If I am moving with my hubby and touches & presses my boobs while walking with him side by side, I feel happy and crazy.I also tell him I like it and allows him to continue with his pranks."

With Relativess

Many girls face groping in relations too. One girl admits that her cousin brother use to press her boobs and she enjoy it so much. The groping with relatives seems more safe and comfortable to most of the girls.

With Servants

Another factor is house servants. A large number of young girls or even married women have touches with servant. It is very common and likely that spending almost 24 hours with servant in one house and so there are many ocassions when he may touc or feel you deliberately or accidently, but it happens. And then gradually servants start to ahead specially in kitchen and/or when you are sleeping. One young girl says that her servant often press her boobs whenever he comes in her room for any work and she is on bed sleeping. She feels very happy by his presses.

In Crowd

Crowd is very common. Perhaps almost every woman has faced groping in her life, ight or harsh. One woman says, "In crowded market places, wen I am out shopping, many people brush against my boobs & press and squeeze them. Sometimes its difficult to figure out who did it. But I like it wen my boobs are not squeezed very hard."

Another woman says, "I love geeting my boobs pressed, it turns me on so much! But when it is too hard I get angry to him."

A young girl says, "When i was going to school in bus, once a 60-65 year old man came n sat next to me. After sometime he started to squeeze my breast. I really loved the way he squeezed them.. I love when stranger touch my tits."

Many girls admit that they care less at staring, touching their breasts and to press against them in crowded public places. They says that there is nothing more thrilling to have someone do that. Many girls even say that they they intentionally put themself into situations in which it can happen.

It was also observed that most of the girls prefer it by only strangers. Also mostly they enjoy squeezing in crowded places.

breast groping